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Attached staff

We work closely with our district nursing team, health visitors and midwives from both Airedale and Burnley General Hospital.

Health For All

We are always happy to give advice on all aspects of your health and, we are keen to encourage you to take charge of your own health. We can help prevent the onset of heart disease by assessing your risks and advising you on how to stay healthy.

If you do have a particular health problem, we do provide regular checks for:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Heart Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Mental Health

If you are travelling abroad our Practice Nurses are available to give a wide range of travel advice. They can also advise on any necessary travel Immunisations that may be needed.

Health for Women

From the start of the fertile phase of her life to the menopause and beyond, a woman faces many choices. We are happy to help you with full and confidential advice on contraception, fertility and sexual health. We can help prevent cervical cancer by providing regular cervical smears. We will care for you and your baby during and after pregnancy. We will advise you on how to stay healthy during the menopause and long after. We make it our policy not to disclose the details of a consultation to anyone, including parents. This would only be done with your permission.

Health for Children

Together with our Health Visitors, we offer a child health and development service to all children under the age of five. Immunisation is most important in avoiding serious illness in childhood. With your permission, we will ensure your child is immunised and protected. Information about immunisation requirements can be obtained from the Health Visitor or Practice Nurse.

Baby Clinic

Baby Clinics are held regularly at both our Earby and Colne Corner sites.

Health for Men

This is a service aimed at men over the age of 25. We will answer questions and give advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery is carried out in the surgery on Tuesday mornings. We provide this service for patients who are registered with our surgery and for those who are registered as patients with other local practices. This is done by appointment only and is arranged by consulting a Doctor.


Our nurses provide a wide range of services. They take a leading role in managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma. In addition, they provide contraceptive services, ECG recordings, blood pressure measurement, health checks, blood tests, wound care and travel immunisation.

Fit Notes (formally known as sick notes)

Phone your employer if you are off sick for up to 2 days.
Get a 'self-certificate' from your employer for the first week.
A GP fit note is needed for the second and subsequent weeks off.
Please note the following:

  • A note can not predate the first occasion you were seen by a doctor.
  • Fit notes can only be issued for your employer i.e. not school, university or insurance company.
  • If you have 2 jobs then show the note to your first employer then take it to the second.
  • Return to work notes was discontinued nationally in 2010.  Your employer does not need anything from us before you return to work.
  • Fit notes are not binding.  You may return to work before they run their term.
  • Fit notes allow us to make suggestions to your employer in order to help you return to work sooner e.g. light duties or a phased return.

Results of tests

Please contact us for the results of the tests. We only release results to the patient, unless aged under 16 or by special arrangement. Please phone after lunch for the results of the tests.

Non-NHS work

Of course, all NHS work is free of charge but there are some services which are not provided by the NHS.

These services attract a charge in line with the British Medical Association (BMA) recommendations.

Common examples include:

  • HGV or PSV medicals
  • Private sick notes to cover the first week of illness.
  • Letters for the gym/school/university.
  • Signing passport photographs.
  • Fitness to drive reports.
  • Fitness to travel reports.
  • Legal reports/examinations.
  • Insurance reports/examinations.
  • Travel insurance claim forms.
  • The first consultation after being involved in a road traffic accident.
  • Some foreign travel services.

Comments, compliments, suggestions and complaints

If you have any suggestions about our service then we would be pleased to hear about them.

Sometimes things don't go as well as we would wish. We would like to hear about any problems at an early stage so that we can work together to put things right. In the first instance please contact Kathryn Phillips, Business Manager.

We work according to the NHS complaints procedure.

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Local Services, Let Advert Discalimer