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Pendle Medical Partnership and Colne Family Doctors Posted on 24 Apr 2019

Colne Family Doctors Surgery is based on the 2nd floor of Colne Health Centre alongside Colne Corner Surgery. We are proposing to join together with effect from 1 July 2019 and to work as one practice.

Why are we doing this?

Primary Care, and in particular general practice, is changing fast. A significant number of GPs are approaching retirement age, and this includes Dr Jha at Colne Family Doctors. Recruiting new GPs to the area is not easy.  In fact we are aware that the biggest challenge facing general practice is that we do not currently have enough people to do the work required, and particularly in light of our ageing population.The NHS like many public bodies and other sectors is experiencing tight finances. We believe that if we are to succeed in providing high quality patient care in the future, we need to think about how we can make the most of the limited resource we have, both in terms of finance and workforce capacity, as well as our practice premises. Working as one practice on the second floor of Colne Health Centre, as well as at the Earby Surgery premises on Edward Street, Earby, will enable us to make the best use of the resources we have and ensure a better future for our patients and staff.

What the benefits of a merger will be?

1) By more effectively sharing our skills, experience and resources it would enable us to broaden the range of services available, whilst still working to ensure continuity of care for our patients.

2) Dr Jha will be able to retire in the knowledge that patients registered with Colne Family Doctors will continue to have access to a full range of General Practice services.

3) It would help us to offer permanent posts to GP registrars who complete their training and become qualified GPs at The Pendle Medical Partnership, and who are interested in working within the Pendle East area.

4) It would allow us to pool our staff resource and to consider a longer term workforce plan with a wider mix of skills than each individual Practice is currently able to offer.

5) It would enable us to consider succession planning for existing staff and create more opportunities for training and development.  

6) It would also allow us to share learning and experience across a wider range of GPs and clinical staff members in particular.

 What changes will I see as a patient?

- Patients will still be able to be seen on the second floor of Colne Health Centre, and to benefit from   the facilities available there, as well as the facilities at our Earby Surgery site.

- Patients will benefit from a wider range of clinicians available to provide their care.

Most of the changes will be to “back office” functions, taking place behind the scenes.

- We will be in a much better position to give consideration to developing more services in the future as part of a larger practice.

Can I have a say in this?

Yes, you can. We are consulting on this until 31 May 2019. You can complete a questionnaire available from the reception desk at Colne Corner Surgery, Earby Surgery, or download a copy from the home page of this website.

Frequently asked Questions

I am currently registered with Colne Family Doctors – will I be asked to see doctors at Earby Surgery?

The proposal to join with The Pendle Medical Partnership will increase the options available for patients. You will not be required to see doctors at Earby Surgery, however, you may choose to do so if we have a more convenient appointment to offer you there. The choice will always be yours.

By becoming a patient at The Pendle Medical Partnership you will have access to a wide range of services and clinicians. As well as our GPs, Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants, we also have a Practice Pharmacist and Advanced Nurse Practitioners at our surgeries.

As well as bookable face to face appointments, we also offer bookable telephone consultations, or the opportunity for you to leave a message for a Clinician to ring you back. If you need to see a GP urgently, one of our GPs will give you a call, and either sort out your problem for you, or arrange for you to be seen sooner that otherwise may have been the case.

I am registered with The Pendle Medical Partnership and it already feels difficult to get an appointment with a GP – will it get more difficult?

No. We are working hard to ensure that staff at all sites have the same options and opportunities available to them. By joining together we will be able to develop a wider variety of roles in our practices, which in turn will give our patients more options as to who they can see. We will work to ensure that patients can see the most appropriate person to provide their care, and at the right place to receive that care.

What happens if the merger does not go ahead?

After many years of long service, Dr Jha is looking to retire from general practice. If he is unable to secure a way for his practice to continue his practice there are a limited number of options available. The practice may be forced to close, the practice list may be dispersed amongst other local practices, or the contract may be put out to tender with the possibility of the contract being awarded to an external private company.

Whatever alternative options are sought, the practice, and its staff and patients, will experience a period of uncertainty and instability. We hope that this can be avoided if the practice plans to join with The Pendle Medical Partnership.


What will happen to staff working at Colne Family Doctors?

If the proposal goes ahead, the staff at Colne Family Doctors will become part of The Pendle Medical Partnership team. They would continue to work on the 2nd floor of Colne Health Centre, and you would be able to see the same familiar faces. This would happen from 1 July 2019.

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